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Cervical Erosion

Perhaps God was right in forbidding the fruit. Eve tasted it and the human race began with the biological happening of mensuration. The woman body is the most prone to many sort of complications. There are mensuration problems, conceiving problems, breast problems etc.


The anatomical structure of the reproductive organ of a woman consists of vagina, cervix, womb, the fallopian tubules and the oviduct. These organs are interrelated and adjoined with one opening to another. The cells of the womb are different from that of the cervix. Cervix is the joining area of the womb or uterus and the vagina. The squamous cells are present in the cervix. When the cells of the womb grow abnormally and come over to the cervical region, the squamous cells get covered and this complication is called the cervical erosion.


When you go for smear test, the nurse or the doctor will collect the sample of the cells from the cervix with a stick and examine them. If they were found to be those like of the wombs then its confirmed that you are suffering from cervical erosion.


The reasons behind the growth of these cells are not confirmed, yet certain predisposing factors are considered responsible for the cervical erosion. These factors are like taking of birth control pills, hormonal disorder, in the body, intercourse, foreign elements in the vagina, having multiple sex partners, speculum insertions, infection of some herpes, unmoved tampons etc. The risk increases with the use of chemical vaginal agents, contraceptive creams etc.


For treatments of cervical erosions mostly doctors prefer to leave them untouched by any medicines since they have been found to heal themselves in the course of time. At severe conditions if the patient feels some kind of irritation or other problems, local anesthesia or cautery is applied for healing the area.