Backpain Overview

Cervical Radiculopathy

Sometimes the medical terms are so complicated that hearing some names many faint thinking that they are suffering from something very dangerous and thus break down. But in true sense these are very simple ailments. Now for instance what do you guess if your doctor writes on his observation report of your neck pain “cervical radiculopathy”. Something not serious at all my dear. Don't be afraid its a term used for slipped disk indirectly. It means the resultant factor or the consequence of the slipped disk.

When you fell numbness, pain or difficulty in your shoulder and neck, difficulty in writing, doing general work with the help of fingers, pain in the legs sometimes for some days. You know that its not something usual from the day's hard work. It is a problem and needs treatment. May be you are aware about the slipped disc or bulging disk. So, you might visit the doctor for a solution of this. You are right and the core of the problem may be the dick or the joint disorder of your vertebrae in the cervical region. And after diagnosis the doctor writes 'cervical radiculopathy'.

What is cervical radiculopathy?

The nerves of the legs, hands and many other parts of your body arise near the cervical spine and pass through the spinal canal. When the herniated disc or the slipped disk in the region exert pressure on these nerves, the response is felt with the above said symptoms- pain in hands, leg joints, arms, shoulders etc. This effect of stress on the nerves and the resultant stimuli to be felt in the respective region of the nerves is called radiculopathy. However, its nothing complicated and it can be treated. There are millions suffering from this problem and they have been treated.