Backpain Overview

Chronic Back And Neck Pain

As people get older, chronic neck and back pain becomes extremely common. The back and neck pain not only affects the physical health of these individuals but also their social and economic well-being. Chronic lower back pain and neck pain can disrupt work, routine and other daily activities. People often choose some exercises for back pain. To know some exercises for lower back pain or chronic neck and back pain, read Exercise For Neck And Back Pain.

There are also certain low back pain treatment methods that you can undertake in order to handle the issues that may arise as a result of chronic neck and back pain. These methods for relieving back pain will not only help relieve the pain but also help you reduce the likelihood of recurrences of this condition.

The major causes of lower back pain are strains or other injuries to the muscles and ligaments surrounding the spinal column. Other reasons might include sports injuries or a sudden increase in physical activity to which the individual is not accustomed.

Although, there is no definitive chronic neck and back pain remedy , still it is a highly treatable condition. The most common therapy used to treat back and neck pain is back pain medication with pain-killing or anti-inflammatory properties.

Passive physical therapy used in conjunction with exercise (active physical therapy) is also another option. Hot or cold compresses are applied to the area affected in order to alleviate the pain. Other modalities may also be used, including the application of electric impulses in order to override the muscular spasms that so often characterize back and neck pain.