Backpain Overview

Measurement of Scoliosis

Stability and strength of our body depends on the strength of the spinal structure. The curvature of the spine is normal but sometimes it is disturbed and then it needs special attention. The word scoliosis has its origin in the Greek word “skoliosis” meaning crooked. Scoliosis generally occurs in children and sometimes among infants. It usually affects the female gender.

Scoliosis has a tendency to progress with age and there are cases when the curvature of the spine increases beyond 70 degrees, giving a disfigured shape to the back. Usually, scoliosis surgery is carried out when it has been found that the spine is taking a curvature of more than 30 to 40 degrees. One of the methods for the measurement of scoliosis is Adam's Forward Bend Test.

It is used in a number of schools by pediatricians .This test is generally done when a child is in the fifth or the sixth grade. In this method, the patient should lean to his front at an angle of 90 degrees from the waist, and then any curvature or asymmetry can be easily noticed.

Then with the help of some advanced methods like x-ray, radiography, MRI, or a CT scan, one can confirm the degree scoliosis. After the measurement of the degree scoliosis is done by another method called Cobb method. Here, the severity of a curve is measured in terms of degrees. If the curve is less than 40 degrees then it is termed as a mild case, but if it exceeds 50 degrees, then it requires serious treatment.