Backpain Overview

Sciatica Pain May Be Unbearable!

Sciatica pains complaint occurs frequently among the population. Even though it is a universal problem its etiology is known to few. The pain gets its name from a nerve of similar name in the body. It is not hard to guess that this nerve is inflicted in this condition.

The specific pain eruption is in the lower back or in the leg. It is here that the large Sciatica Nerve exists. The cause could be traced to the lower spine where the nerve root is embedded in its natural position. Only when the Sciatica Nerve is compressed pinched or twisted the sensation of pain is felt. Thus, Sciatica Pain is due to pressure and inflammation of the nerve root.

In the language of the medical fraternity such a condition is called radiculopathy. To a lay man it can be explained as the condition when a spinal disc has moved from its natural position. This has resulted in a push on the radicular nerve present in the lower back. It forms a portion of the Sciatic nerve.

What does a person experience? Sciatica Pain has different influence on individuals. Some only find it a source of irritation while for others it is so severe that not only do they suffer physically but also work-wise.

The continuous pains inception is from lower back thigh. It emits towards the leg and then and diffuses. The point of affliction of the nerve is the deciding factor is how far the pain will travel. At times it even reaches the foot and the toes. If left untreated it can get worse.

The critical group is those who fall between the age group of 35-55. It is a problem erupting out of the normal wear and tear of the body. Treatments are precautions lead to improvement. Non surgical treatments are also effective.