Backpain Overview

Sciatica Pain

Sciatica is a general term used for a chronic pain but some times it is described as an electrical-like-shock. It usually starts from the buttock and travels down to the thighs or legs. But, I tell you the fact- sciatica is a term which is used to describe the pain that travels in the sciatica nerve. Thus, sciatica means symptoms caused by disorder in lumbar spine. For your further information let me tell you that sciatica nerve is the longest nerve in human body. To understand it deeply lets read about some common symptoms.

Usually sciatica pain attacks on one side of the body, usually it starts from buttock and travels down to leg which becomes very sharp and acute. This pain can make you feel the sensation of burning or shooting and may cause numbness or itching too. While sitting or standing you will feel strong pain in the area of the thighs or back. Even your pain may increase because of coughing and sneezing.

Now the question that arises, what a man needs to do when he finds himself suffering in sciatica pain. That for sure that anybody can be victim of sciatica pain, it’s far too common in young men. First of all, you need to diagnose the causes of sciatica pain. Your doctor will need some physical tests and X-Rays of several parts of your body and he may also inquire about your previous lifestyle just to confirm whether you have been victim of any severe disease or not. After diagnosing he can suggest you some exercises like.              

1. Lie on floor with your back down on floor and prop up the upper part of your body on your elbow.

2. Stand up right with your hand on hips and start bending your body backward, hold your body at 60 degree angle and repeat it 5 times a day.