Backpain Overview

Sciatica Symptoms

Sciatica is the pain that starts from our back and carried towards our lower part of the legs passing through the buttocks. This pain is often accompanied by back pain and neck pain. Doctors sometimes confuse sciatica with neck and back pain. It should be kept in mind that before starting the treatment let your doctor know the kind of pain you feel. As a simple misjudgment can cause lots of problem.

The doctor you consult should be aware of the symptoms of sciatica very well. He should know what kind of treatment has to be given to you. There is no need to consult many doctors. Consult a single doctor and let him know what the problem is as he will be the person who will suggest you the treatment. Sciatica has many symptoms, out of them some are common to the back pain.

The sciatic pain often starts from the back. Then it passes through the buttock and reaches the lower part of our leg. Sometimes people misjudge it by back pain and take rest of day or two. The sciatic pain may lessen by rest of a day or two but it starts as soon as you get to work. This pain should not be taken lightly and consultation of the doctor should be taken as soon as you start feeling the pain.

Following are the main sciatica symptoms:

1.pain in the lower part of the foot or leg

2.pain in the back

3.the lower part of the leg and the calves become numb

4.the pain in the back increases as the patient coughs or does any other physical activity

5.the weakening of the muscles of the leg start

6.the buttocks suffer needle like sensation in its muscles

7.the pain in the leg that is affected is regular