Backpain Overview

Scoliosis And Chronic Back Pain

Scoliosis is very much connected to back pain. It is in fact a type and variety of back pain. Our spine has a number of twists and curves which are aligned and are kept at a particular angle to each other. This is to maintain a kind of balance and accord with the pelvic region. Scoliosis is the abrupt tilt or change in any of the angular alignment of the bones and ligaments of the spine which may lead to chronic pain in the spinal region.

However, care to note that it is not any kind of deficiency of the spine and is not due to any kind of deficiency in the nutrient and protein intake. It is only the lateral or side-to-side defect of the spine.

It is however not an incurable ailment or condition and can be treated with a series of physical exercises and routine. Some of the exercises and ways to cure the disease have been stated below:
1) Leg and Arm Extensions: You will require the help of a stability ball. Now with a toe down at a time, raise your left hand upwards. Bring the other hand to a lower self, and keep it clenched. Repeat it with other hand and keep in that state to a count of three.
2) The Extension of the Back: Place your stomach on top of the ball, and kneel down onto the mat. You will find yourself being hurtled forward. When this happens, try and place your arms parallel to the ball. Keep yourself in this state till the count of five.  
Scoliosis is basically caused by physical exercises. It won’t require much on your part to get back into shape. These scoliosis and chronic back pain exercises and couple of others will strengthen your cardiovascular muscles and improve your overall fitness.