Backpain Overview

Kidney Back Pain Symptoms- A Few Details

On most occasions people suffering from back pain think it to be a result of the wear and tear in the muscles and bones of the lower back. However, they are not aware that it could also be a result of a much serious disorder- a kidney problem. 

How do we know that the pain is because of kidney infection and not from a muscle strain?
There are ways in which the real reason behind the pain can be known without the help of a physician. (This does not mean that the physician can be dispensed away with.) A pain whose cause is kidney problem always lies in the region where kidneys are located, just above the hips and around the sides of the spine. It is felt as a tender sensation in the spinal area and not in the entire lower back.

Back pain caused by kidney infection also comes from the kidneys themselves. However, since the pain is located in the lower back and because most of are not trained in locating the real source of pain, it appears that the pain is caused by nothing except strained muscles. If not diagnosed properly and at the right time, chances are that it can spread to the rest of the body.

Reasons that point to kidney infection as the cause of back pain

There are physical symptoms which reveal that there is infection in the kidney. These are:
* Flank pain (pain in the dies of the lower back).
* Swelling and weight gain due to accumulation of water in the tissues.
* Sensation of burning or that of pain at the time of Urination
* Increased urination
* Changes in the urine's color
* Blood in the urine

However, it is advisable that the real reasons behind these symptoms are ascertained with the help of a health care professional.

How does the pain 'feel like'?

Back pain induced by kidney infection is acutely felt. It emerges very quickly and would be there till the time the infection in the kidney is there. Kidney stones can also be the cause of pain in the lower back region.

How can it be cured?

This type of back pain can not be cured with the help of exercises or yoga postures. The real problem behind it is essential biological in nature and that is the way it is to be cured. If you suffer from kidney related back pain then it is best to avail the services of a health care professional. He/she will properly diagnose the level of infection and then prescribe medication to you. The same thing goes for lower back pain from kidney stones.