Backpain Overview

Back Pain Chronic

Majority of people nowadays suffer from back pain chronic or chronic lower back pain. Chronic back pain can be really very painful, making it really impossible for you to enjoy even the simplest daily activities like lifting, walking, picking, running and alike. Thus, one should immediately rush to doctor once encountered with the problem. To know more on low back pain relief or back pain treatment, read Is It Time To Seek A Doctor?

Doctors consider back pain as chronic and harmful. Therefore, rush to your doctor if you are suffering from lower lest back pain and your back pain is intensified or constant at night when you are in a lay down position. Either it radiates down to one or both legs. It results in lower back pain and leg numbing. If it leads to bladder or new bowel problems. It is making you feel anxious and depressed. If it extends downwards along the back of the leg as you may be suffering from sciatica. And if it is not improving at all, even after taking back pain medication for 2 to 3 weeks.

The major causes of lower back pain are improper posture, heavy lifting, sudden awkward movement, muscle spasm and stress. In order to cure lower back pain, you may go for natural back pain remedy or home back pain relief for relieving back pain. Exercises for back pain may also help in making your back muscles stronger and flexible. But, you should not engage in exercise if your doctor considers your back pain to be chronic and if your pain increases while performing these exercises, as it will worsen your pain, leading to complications.

Often, after back surgery, exercise is recommended for speedy recovery. Exercise helps the patient return to normal work, home and other activities. It not only affects the strength and the flexibility, but also changes the attitude of the patient towards pain and disability.