Backpain Overview

Beware Children, If you have scoliosis!

What is Scoliosis?

It is a bow like spine that deforms the shape of your back as you grow old and attain maturity. The spine is very delicate bony structure and the bend on it may be due to many reasons. Therefore you should consult your doctor if you have such a problem. If you leave it as it is or hide it from your parents after some days, it will progress so much that whatever you wear it will be distinctly visible over your clothes.


Causes And Stages Of Scoliosis

The causes are yet not confirmed, but they have a pattern of growth. Some of them may not grow to that extent yet they would deform your back. There are many stages of scoliosis. Severe ones curve more than 20-30 degrees and can create troubles that will prevent you from carrying many simple works.


Scoliosis Treatment

Treatment of child scoliosis is easier than scoliosis in adults. Braces are applied for restating the spine back in shape and check further growth. They are not at all painful and they can completely cure the problem within weeks. Along with the braces you would be required to do some exercises that are very easy in your age. The exercises also help in strengthening the spine to grow in proper shape.


Food And Diet For Scoliosis

You also need to follow some pattern of diet intake. That is, the one which is good in calcium and phosphorus. Green leafy vegetables, milk, grams, meat and egg yolk should be taken more than the junk foods and French fries. They help to build your bones stronger.