Backpain Overview

Identify Your Back Pain & Don't Let Cervical Cancer Flourish In You

Probably not! You would never have thought that. But you can not rule out the possibility of cervical cancer taking its root in you. Many a time a patient in the early stages of cervical cancer is treated for normal back pain.

 Consider this, without knowing that you are in the early stages of the cervical cancer, your doctor treats you for back pain as such! After the first round of medication, no improvement in the back pain is seen. He gives you stronger medicines. Yet, there is no improvement and he gives you injections and stronger pain-killers. Even when there is no improvement, he suggests you to undergo the surgery.

The researchers may not yet know it, yet every disease begins its attack with prior-warnings. It may not be a clear visible warning always, like the thunder before the rain, nevertheless symptoms are there, but your doctor's present knowledge and skills might fail to spot it. Cervical cancer is known to creep in quietly like the cat. Therefore, the question of screening Pap tests assumes importance.

Pain in urination and back pain or pain in the pelvic region, are the important symptoms that could lead to cervical cancer.

The researchers are bent upon waging an all-out war on various types of cancer, but cancer is also bent upon opening new fronts. A clear cut connection between back pain and cervical cancer is difficult to establish, but any prolonged back-pain needs to be viewed suspiciously and detailed investigations must follow. Why such back-pains are happening more often leading to deadly diseases like cervical cancer? And when they happen, why can't the doctors understand that this back pain is having some hidden agenda?

The saying goes,“Don't strike & dash if you strike, strike hard, so that there is no need to strike again.” Cancer precisely does the same thing for you. It kills you twice. The day your reports indicate that you have cancer; you are emotionally dead, in spite of the best assurances given to you by your doctor and the words of encouragement from your family members. Secondly, you know it is your certain invitation to death. You are in the death row. When you will be hanged by the cancer, is for the cancer to decide!

The moment you realize that your back pain is somewhat different from the back pains you had in the past, be on the alert and contact your GP immediately.

You can also switch over to natural medications to get early back pain relief. These are not medicines as such, they are herbs that are harmless and can be consumed under normal conditions. Garlic and ginger need to be made part of your daily diet. There are instances where the grape-juice diet has cured cancer. Take honey regularly. It gets rid your body of all the toxic elements.

In a pure body impurities like the ones that give rise to cancer, can not remain. Trust this and live your life with strong will power. You have capability to beat back cancer!