Backpain Overview

Know More About Foraminal Stenosis

Narrowing of the cervical disc space may arise without any disc herniation which is also called as foraminal stenosis. There are certain conditions that can help you track whether you are suffering from foraminal stenosis or not. The pain develops slowly or it may develop over many years. The pain is related to an activity or position. If you encounter any of these conditions then you are suffering from stenosis or in general terms back and neck pain. For more information on foraminal stenosis and its treatment, read Causes Of Back Pain

This middle back pain can be caused due to several reasons like Osteoarthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Hip Osteoarthritis and many more. If you wonder how you can check out the same then there is an option for the same i.e it can be confirmed by either an MRI scan or a CT with myelogram. Unlike other mid back pain problems, there are several treatments that you can go ahead with.

For treating back pain, activity modification and back surgery are the options. Activity modification can be done by following proper back pain therapy which even includes certain exercises for back pain and low back pain treatment by correcting the postures that we follow while we sit or lie down. If still you feel the pain then you can opt for back pain medications for getting back pain support. If nothing works then go ahead with back surgery for relieving back pain.