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Meatal Stenosis is a Male Thing

Meatal is generally referred to the opening in the penis through which the urine normally passes through. Meatal stenosis is very rare among girls and is generally found among the boys. Even if the girls suffer from it, have it at from the time of birth only and might cause bed wetting and infection of the urinary tract. Meatal stenosis is referred to that state where there is narrowing of the meatas due to scarring caused at the tip of the penis. People who suffer from meatal stenosis may take it longer to urinate and also can sometimes feel difficulties while urinating. It won’t be out of place to mention that this condition is more common in circumcised boys. Symptoms of meatal stenosis are common when they are between the ages of 3 to 8 years of age.

Now let us discuss some of the symptoms. People having this condition will often experience difficulties in urinating, spraying the urine.
In some cases blood can also accompany with the urine and the person may even take a longer time to urinate and may even feel a burning sensation. We should also be clear of the fact that it is not a contagious disease.

As for the test and exams, all you have to go through is an examination of the symptoms and medical history of the patient which is enough to understand the complications. While in the case of girls, a simple test called voiding cystourethrogram is done to authenticate the disease.

Meatal stenosis is generally treated with the help of surgery, mostly in the doctor's chamber and can be performed at your home as well.

As regards the preventive steps, you should be careful of the diapers, keep him away from wet and sticky underwears and also from irritation causing detergents and soaps

Lastly, if any of the symptoms are evident, immediately consult a doctor as this problem can persist if not treated well.