Backpain Overview

Myths About Back Pain

Every disease is surrounded by some sort of myths and back pain is not an exception. Figures say that 70 % to 90 % of population would experiences back pain at one time or another, therefore correct and accurate knowledge about back pain is very essential. Many people have various kinds of myths related to back pain causes and treatment which sometimes make their pain worse. Some of the commonly known myths are:

Myth- Nothing can be done about the pain, you just have to learn to live with it.

Reality- There are different treatment options available for different types of back pain. If your pain is not severe then it can be cured by some home exercises and medications but if it has taken the form of a severe pain then the need has arisen to consult the doctor.

Myth- “The pain is all in your head”

Reality- It is not so that the pain in all in the head. Sometimes the pain is real even if no physical cause has been determined. This is because of the nervous system processing information associated with painful stimuli.

Myth- MRI is essential for diagnosing the cause of back pain.

Reality- There is no doubt that MRI is the best way to determine nerve root damage and intervertebral disc damage but it is used only when conservative treatment fails to prove effective and when the surgery treatment is the only avenue left. Generally, medical history and physical examination would reveal the causes of back pain.

One should respect the body's limitations otherwise adverse conditions would be the result. But, by following a well designed exercise program including core conditioning and flexibility exercises you would able to perform your favorite activities.

So, these are some of the myths which stay at the top of the mind of many people. These build wrong information related to back pain and thus sometimes lead to complications.