Back Pain Surgery

A Quick Overview On Herniated Disc Surgery

The senior citizens may get all types of secular advantages, but some types of disadvantages that go with the age, can not be cured. Unfortunately they need to be endured. The absolute annoyance of the back pain is one of them. The worst part of the pain is that it is at your back. You can't even do the self-massage of it even for the sake of psychological relief.

Another damaging effect of the back pain is that you can not work, you can not play, you can not walk, you can not sit, you can not stand and you can not even lie down peacefully. It is hell functioning within your back!

After the herniated disc is located, through MRI scan, the main problem with the patient is the contradictory opinions of the neurosurgeons. Generally, there is no unanimity of opinions among them, which adds to the confusion of the patients.

A fusion with titanium cages to eliminate the herniated portion of the disc is one type of recommended surgery. Another type of treatment is microdiscectomy. Of the two, the later is generally preferred by the surgeons, as the success rate reported is above 90 %. The post operations complications are also not there, and the recovery process is quick.

But, after the lumbar herniated surgery, there are chances that you still have a pain in your leg when standing or walking. Many times you are assured that the pain would go away with time, but this doesn't happen always. Sometimes, the pain continues for years together.

The main problem with the herniated disc surgery is its correct diagnosis. With the help of MRI, you can not arrive at the correct and final decision. Treating chronic pain is a very tricky thing. You are taking chances with the most important parts of the human system, with your trusted patient. The symptoms might be visible on the MRI scan. Each and every aspect of the disc is very important and has a definite role in increasing or mitigating your pain. Disc herniation is one thing and the other important issue is the health of the disc space itself.

With the reduction of the disc space and the eventual collapse, it can irritate the nerves in the region. Fusing the disc space with an anterior is one of the options. In acute cases, the spine fusion is the best answer.

There is no final answer for the herniated disc surgery. Each case is different. The experience of the surgeon and his understanding of your problem, would work to your advantage.