Back Pain Surgery

Cervical Spine Surgery

Its very essential to take care of the cervical spine. The ligaments and the discs of the vertebra joints are very fragile and critical injury can cause them to swell and cause chronic cervical back pain, spondylosis, HDD, or other form of cervical ailments. The complications may happen due to degeneration of the bones of the spine that may be the result of some kind of hurt or aging process. The spinal canal narrows down and causes the muscles or the nerves attaching to compress than normal size.

The general symptoms of cervical disorders are like neck pain and stiffness, numbness or a feeling of weakness in the shoulders, muscles spasm, head ache etc. Most of these disease need cervical spine surgery. Its a surgery carried out as a team work of both orthopedic and neurological surgeons. Before the cervical spine surgery is carried out, the doctors would first confirm the position of the disc disorder or other problem and its severity. Magnetic resonance imaging is done to get the exact location of the problem in the spine.

In cervical spine surgery, the degenerative parts like the disc or the bone are removed or the vertebra is fussed so that the bulging out of the disc from the circumference of the spinal joint cannot disturb the adjoining nerves.

Its a fact that the cervical surgery is one of the complicated tasks of medical history. Lots of complications can arise from the surgery of this part. There may be possibilities of death also. That's why the doctor discuss every possible aspect of cervical surgery with you before carrying out the surgery. I mean all this not to make you afraid but to make you aware of the surgical complications, nevertheless they happen only once in a blue moon. Therefore, the doctors always prefer surgery as the last option.