Back Pain Surgery

Lumbar Discectomy

A protruding disc in the lumbar spine becomes the cause of a number of problems in the body. Discectomy is the surgical name of the cutting the slipped disk and fusing the vertebra joints. There are a number of discectomies that are applicable to treat the disease. They are simple discectomy, micro-discectomy, and laminectomy. It also depends on the condition of the nerve protruding and the kind of rupture.

Lumbar discectomy is performed as a minimally-invasive procedure to remove the portion of the slipped disc and fuse the vertebra joints. It is also called micro-endoscopic surgery because a small incision of 3 cm to 5 cm is made to correct the disorder of the spine. This kind of discectomy is very safe and the patient can leave the hospital, the very next day of the operation.

In most cases, a small cut is made on the spinal length and through this gap, the surgery is carried out. There is equipment to give an enlarged view of the area. This is done so that the exact location of the slipped disc can be found out. The surgery takes only two to three hours. The post-operational complications are very common. The patient may have some kind of pain and slight irritation in the site of surgery. The doctors will prescribe medications for these harmless side effects.