Back Pain Surgery

Scoliosis Surgery

Scoliosis has a tendency to progress and there are cases when the curvature of the spine increases more than 70 degrees giving a disfigured shape of your back. Usually, scoliosis surgery is carried out when it has been found that the spine is taking a curvature of more than 30-40 degrees. Scoliosis surgery carried out when it is seen that the curved spine is progressing and the curve degree is increasing as an abnormality. A surgery is suggested with the intention of fusing the spine, so that it doesn't bend more with adulthood. The curvature of the spine doesn't stop until it’s commanded externally.

A surgery carried out in the morning gives an evening discharge to the patient. Why I'm insisting a medical surgery for you? Surgery will not only prevent your spinal progression or growth, but also reduces the deformity of your back. It sets the spine to the nearest accurate shape and your scoliosis won't be visible. In retaining the form and shape of the spine, a rod is inserted into the back and nuts and bolts are used to keep it in place. It is carried out with such fine art that you will never feel its presence. You can consult an orthopedic surgeon and get your doubts regarding surgery cleared.