Treatment of Back Pain

Active Treatments For Low Back Pain

Low back pain surely occurs to a person at least once in his/her lifetime and can turn in to a deadly disease, making the person disabled. In fact, back pain is the number one disability for those under 45 years of age. But, the good news is that low back pain is treatable and sometimes preventable too. A variety of treatment options are available for relieving low back pain. Each treatment has its own way of treating the patient but all the treatment options have the same aim of reducing or stopping the irritable and disturbing pain.

One of the common and easy treatments for low back pain include active treatments. The success of these treatments depends upon the patient himself, as he is required to undertake these treatments on his own. Some of the active treatments for low back pain include:

Exercise: Some active forms of back pain exercises are necessary for alleviating back pain. In fact regular back pain exercise routine helps in avoiding recurrences of low back pain and also reduces the severity and duration of the possible future episodes of low back pain. Back pain exercise program should include a combination of stretching exercises like hamstring exercises, strengthening exercises like dynamic lumbar stabilization exercise and McKenzie exercise, and low impact aerobics like walking, bicycling, or swimming.

Quit smoking: Smoking can lead to low back pain as it damages the vascular structures of the discs and joints in the back. Quitting smoking would improve blood circulation and healing. Also, nicotine results in inhibiting bone growth by undermining the fusion process after the spine fusion surgery. So, patients of spine surgery should quit smoking for allowing the bone to heal.

Weight loss: Losing your weight will surely help in reducing low back pain by lessening the amount of stress on the low back muscles and ligaments. Patients carrying more weight around their midsection pose greater risk for obesity-related health problems like low back pain. Due to pressure of extra weight on your back, your disc and other spinal structures can get damaged.

Ergonomics: Ergonomic is the study of the workplace as it relates to the worker. Ergonomic furniture, proper lifting techniques, supportive footwear and avoiding static posture for prolonged periods of time would surely helps in reducing pressure from the low back.

So, these are some of the active treatments for low back pain which when applied in daily life can shoo away your back pain.