Treatment of Back Pain

Desk Exercises For Your Lower Back

Sitting for long hours at your desk in the workplace can stress your lower back, some time resulting in lower back pain. This is why experts suggest taking small breaks to practice simple stretching exercises. But, you do not have to look for a special exercise corner to practice these exercises. You can practice them comfortably sitting right at your desk.

Exercise 1
The first desk exercise that you can do to avoid lower back pain is back extension. This exercise involves stretching your back in the opposite direction. Stand straight and raise both your arms above the ground. Join both your palms and try to bend towards your back. Bend only as much as you can. Do not exert your body too much. You can practice this exercise in the sitting position as well. The back extension exercises are highly recommended by the American Therapy Association for those involved in sedentary jobs.

Exercise 2
Back stretch is another desk exercise for the lower back. To practice this exercise, sit down on your chair and bring down your arms to your side. Now allow your torso to fold over your legs. Try to touch your feet with both your hands. This movement begins at the pelvis and sequences up the spine. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds. Exhale as you bend forward and inhale as you come to your normal position.

Exercise 3
The back extension and back stretch work on the lower back. You need to exercise your upper back as well. The corner stretch helps you with this. It exercises your upper back, arms and chest. To practice corner stretch, stand in the corner of a wall. You should ideally stand where two adjoining walls meet. Now place your palms on the adjoining walls. Inhale and lean forward with your palms pressing against the wall. Exhale as you come back to the normal position.

Exercise 4
Lastly, you can practice the wall squats. This is the most challenging of all the exercises mentioned here. It works on your seat muscles and helps you gain suitable posture. Stand against the wall and bring your arms in front of your chest. Fold both your arms and bend in your knees slightly. As your back touches the wall, slide down towards the floor. Hold for a few seconds and return to the normal position.

Practicing these desk exercises will not just keep the lower back pain at bay but will also keep your back in good shape and health.