Treatment of Back Pain

Exercise And Cervical Injuries

Exercise and cervical injuries are interrelated. Yes, what you have guessed is right that your doctor recommends you exercises when you have cervical injuries. But exercise and spinal injuries have some other kind of relationship too. Guess it for sometime till I disclose you the secret!


Well when you injure your neck by any means like fall or accident or anything, along with medication your doctor recommends you some exercises to heal the wound soon. Besides that there are another possible ways of injuring your neck too. One is that damn old age problem, but if you are still at your best strength age, you might injure it in some other way too. Do you realize the way you sit at your work place, how do you sleep or watch TV? All these factors can really cause you trouble at your back and you suffer from the problems like bulging disk or slipped disc.


So, exercises right? The topic that we are discussing? Exercise and cervical injuries are related in one manner is that the physical workouts help in healing the wounds soon and also increasing your muscle tension, ligament stretching, and the tensile strength of the nerves too.


But do you realize that sometimes exercise can cause you these before said problems. Feeling strange! Thats true my dear friend. Sometimes rigorous exercise and wrong postures during the workouts can cause injury to the vertebra spinal joints and can cause you herniated disc. Sudden pressure or abrupt stretch of the neck can hurt the soft nerves or the smooth vertebra of the neck. Though there are bones in the neck area, yet they are smaller in size and are susceptible to injury at slightest hurt. So, while exercising take care that you get the posture from a well trained physical fitness trainer. And if you are not used to exercising, do not overdo it on the very first day or else you will surely become the center of attraction from your neck collar making you look like a clown!