Treatment of Back Pain

Exercise Relieves Back Pain

Life is full with dreams and to fullfil these dreams one has to be 100% fit, but there is one thing which keeps us across from transforming our dream into action, it is back pain which itself a root cause. Let’s find out the solution of this social evil.

But before to take any further step toward its solution it is important to be aware about, what back pain is and the parts where it can be occurred. Above all we tell you that it is common happening and may confront any time all at once, so, one should not loose his patience after knowing that he or she is victim of this chronic back pain, it always happens in stomach, hips and thighs.

There are two ways to come over to this problem one is physical exercise and other one is medication, for both therapy you have to consult to your doctor, he may suggest you any one as per the severity of the case, he may suggest you any medicine like tuina, sierpina, and carbamazepine.

Lastly, for the physical therapy he can suggest you exercise given blow:

1. Exercise to support your muscles, stand leaning your back against the wall and bent your knee to 90 degrees, keep your body in this position for five minutes and repeat it four times.

2. For hips and legs muscles, lie your stomach down on floor stretch your legs muscles and raise them from the floor.

3. For the stomach strength, lie on back and keep your arms at side, now start raising your leg one by one and hold your leg up for 15 seconds and repeat it with the second leg.

4. To provide strength to hip and back, set a chair in the garden and hold it with your hands on the back and lift your leg upward and keep your knee straight, return it slowly repeat it with the other leg.