Treatment of Back Pain

Exercise Regularly To Relieve Back Pain

You can take the help of different back pain therapy for relieving back pain. The therapies are very helpful in treating back muscle pain. Everybody suffers from back and neck pain at some point of time or other due to a weakness in both, the back muscles and abdominal's. Exercises for back pain have evolved to cope up with this old age ailment. For further details read Back Pain Exercises

 Back pain muscles are the busiest muscles of the body. They also give rise to back and leg pain. As such, back muscles require a certain amount of exercise to relieve back pain and to maintain muscle tone and flexibility. Two lower back pain exercises are given below. These exercises for back pain are simple yet effective.

1. Trunk Rotation Exercise:
It is meant to strengthen the hip muscles and promote flexibility of the spine. First, prepare a 2 meters long pole that's smooth and round and a bit heavy. Now, stand up straight and slowly swing the pole left and right in a circular motion. Do not over extend your swing as this can cause herniated disc. Do this for about 3 minutes and you will start to feel the effects the trunk rotation has on your hips and back muscles

2. Hamstring Stretching Exercise:
Hamstring stretching exercise for back pain is simply the most common bending exercise. While standing, simply bend forward, with legs relatively straight. Then try to touch your toes and hold the position for 30 to 45 seconds. Repeat the exercise.

Always remember that the above exercise to relieve back pain can be enjoyed by those who have no back pain. Every exercise is therapeutic but can always be preventive as well. Treating back pain through these exercises helps in relieving you from chronic lower back pain.