Treatment of Back Pain

Exercises That Help Relieve Sciatica

Sciatic pain is nowadays very common. We often hear about the patients suffering from the sciatic pain. There are many symptoms of the sciatic pain. The symptoms of the chronic back pain are similar to that of the sciatic pain. Sciatic pain can be treated by exercise as well as by medication. Nowadays doctors recommend light exercises for sciatica which help in recovering from the sciatic pain much faster than the surgery or other types of medications.

Many doctors suggest yoga exercises for sciatica as they consider exercises much better treatment for the sciatic pain. Friends, I am going to provide you a list of exercises for sciatica that will help you recover much sooner:
1. Stretching of the hamstring muscles. Hamstrings are the type of muscles that are located at the back portion of our thigh. The motion of our knee in which it bends is due to the presence of hamstring muscles.
2. Lie on your back to perform the hamstring stretch. This type of sciatic exercise is good for the patients suffering from back pain. Hamstring stretching of this kind lays the least stress over the back and other parts of the body.
3. Next type of hamstring stretching is done while you are in the sitting position. This is a bit stressful stretching than the one done while laying on the back but in this the position of the body can be changed easily by a slight movement of the leg.
4. The other type of hamstring stretching is also known as practical point stretching of the hamstring. In this type of stretching the position of the sciatic exercise is kept steady for sometime which is about 30 seconds. This helps in elongating the muscles.
Before doing exercises for sciatica the first thing that should be kept in mind is to start the exercises, consultation from a professional is very important and crucial.