Treatment of Back Pain

Low Back Pain Exercises

As we are aware about the importance of back in our body therefore one should be more careful while doing exercise for low back pain. Now there is one more question that might be itching in your mind is that how one can easily know which exercise is best for kicking off this back pain. Here we have an answer of this question as well. After getting symptoms of the back pain, one should rush toward the orthopedic surgeon, he is the one and sole person who can properly assist you to rid over the situation. Now rest of things depend up on you, if you tackle the problem being a bit conscious you can quickly recover from the ailment.

To restore the lost strength of your back a doctor can suggest you respective exercises for the various parts of the body such as ankle exercise, abdominal exercise, legs and hips exercise, all the exercises won’t affect your body till you do it, keeping your body in order. I mean your body should not be in awkward position while doing these exercises, for your convenience let me clear your doubts about what should be the position of your body for different exercises.

1. For stomach and hips exercise, lie on floor and keep your arms aside, and now lift your leg off and hold your leg up with your hand for two minutes and repeat it with the other leg.
2. For ankle, lie on back and move your ankle up and down repeat it for 5 minutes.
3. To relax your abdomen, lie on your back again with your knee bent and squeeze your ribs down with your hand.
4. To provide relaxation to your legs, leaning against the wall with the gape of 12 inches between your legs and bent your knees. Hold this position for 10 second and repeat it 5 times.