Treatment of Back Pain

Pilates For Back Pain

Pilates is an exercise regime that focuses on the core of muscles. These core muscles are extremely important for supporting the spine. Its ability to support the spine makes it an effective treatment for back pain.

How does Pilates help in treating back pain?

Pilates works in more than just one way to treat back pain. Here are some of the benefits offered by Pilates that go at length in treating your back pain.

It corrects your posture

One of the primary causes of back pain is poor posture. Pilates rectifies this cause and alleviates back pain. Pilates enables you to focus on how your body parts are aligned in relationship to one another. This creates uniform muscle movement, which in turn allows the body to move in a natural way.

It develops core strength
Core strength refers to the overall strength and flexibility of all the muscles in your body. When the muscles of your body are strong, they are in a better position to give the spine the strength that it needs. This is where Pilates comes to your help. While most exercise regimes focus on developing the surface muscles, Pilates works on the core strength. With increased core strength, your body is in a better position to bend or stretch. This again reduces the possibilities of back pain.

It promotes flexibility
How many times has it happened that you have experienced a bout of back pain on bending a little extra? Lack of flexibility is one of the most prominent causes of back pain. Pilates increases your flexibility. It trains your back muscles to work in harmony with the abdominal muscles, which enhances your flexibility.

It increases body awareness

Whether it is back pain or any other form of pain, it is important that you concentrate on your body. Once you are aware of your body alignment and posture, fighting back pain becomes a lot easier. This is exactly what Pilates helps you do. It is an exercise regime that requires full concentration and attention. It requires you to concentrate on your body. This increased awareness of your body helps you understand the causes of your back pain better and deal with the same too.

Is Pilates for you?

If you are suffering from lower back pain, this one is the perfect option for you. However, for those who have recently suffered an injury should refrain from practicing Pilates. It is advised that you consult your doctor before getting into the practice.