Treatment of Back Pain

Relief for Chronic Back Pain

The entire weight and balance of the body is dependent upon the spine. Not only does it provide support, it also provides strength to the adjoining bones and ligaments of the body. The options available for the treatment of chronic back pain are many and varied. You could take your pick from analgesics, so as to reduce inflammations and which also  helps to bring back normalcy to the functioning of the spine. Patients suffering from an acute form of the disorder are found to show signs of relief after a dosage. It takes a maximum of 72 hrs for the procedure to have its effect.

And then you could always apply the hot and cold therapy. Though there is no scientific proofs that can vouch for them, they have proved to be helpful in decreasing the  inflammation. In certain cases, patients have recovered completely. Your ice-bag could comprise of anything such as a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a piece of cloth or towel. This procedure should be followed for a couple of days at a stretch, for up to about 20 minutes everyday. Later on, after a period of about 2 to 3 days, a heat therapy should be carried out, so as to relax the muscles and increase blood circulation. In addition to the regular heating methods, you could indulge yourself and enjoy the benefits of a nice warm bath.

You can always opt for a complete bed rest also to relieve yourself from the pain. But then that shouldn’t be for more than 2 days. Too much bed-rest, and that too if taken unnecessarily may contribute to stiffness, which is again for the spine. Try and lie on one side while sleeping. Some doctors advise to place pillows underneath your knees, if you are lying with your back down and to place a pillow between your knees, if you’re lying on your sides.

Exercising is one of the bets remedies to soothe any kind of back pain. It helps in strengthening of the spine and in cutting down on excessive weight.