Treatment of Back Pain

Use Prescription Of Yoga To Treat Your Back Pain

Now, you need a definite answer to your back pain problem? And I definitely have one for you.Come to YOGA and you are on the way to find some thing definite, something authentic, and some thing that will provide you permanent relief from back pain and pave the way for you live for the mythical age of 120 years!

This is the best answer! This is the only answer. Herein, by stressing on Yoga, I am specially referring to physical exercises. It is nothing but understanding your constitution. An 'institution' created for you by the Almighty and your only job is to maintain it properly. The present back pain is your opportunity to make and understand your future programs!

There are many pain-related things which you need to pay attention to. They are also the indirect causes of your back pain. You may counter-question, what, stress in my mind has got to do with the pain in the back. Once I was told by a famous Ayurveda Practitioner, to put a drop of Neem juice in the nostrils every day for growth of hair! Growth of hair on the head—but what is has to do with putting drops of Neem juice in the nostril? But apart from his experience and confidence, he showed me evidence of several successful cases!

Do not be under the impression, you can keep any yoga book full of pictures before you, and practice yoga. There are hundreds of postures meant for different purposes, different diseases, if you wish to understand it that way. With the help of some experienced teacher, you have to learn which asanas are suitable for your immediate relief of back pain and then, for the overall strengthening of the body. If you do the exercises like a novice, some asanas may increase your discomfort. “Start early, drive slowly and reach safely” is the principle to be applied in this area also.

Guided by your yoga teacher, select a few asanas, select your timings, select your diet, and then go ahead. The results are slow, but they are bound to come, and they will provide you permanent relief. You need to hold on to each pose for about 15 seconds. Never ever try or over do.After each exercise breath in and breath out and relax for about a minute or two.

Don't think, this article is the description on yoga . It is the prescription of yoga for your permanent relief for the back pain!