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Back Pain
Our back is the base of our body. It supports the entire load of our body. Due to heavy exercise and many other factors, our muscles in the back may pain which, if not paid heed to, becomes severe and turn into and acute pain and sometimes, into sciatica also.

 Back pain is often compared with the sciatica as it has the same symptoms as that of sciatica. But back pain is totally different from the sciatic pain. Sometimes people start  exercising to treat back pain. This increases their problem and sometimes the problem becomes much more complicated than it was and often turns into a lifelong problem.
Sometimes back pain may last only for a few days and vanish thereafter. This happens when the problem is not severe and can be healed easily by taking rest for a day or two. But in case, the problem is sever, resting for a day or two can lessen the pain but it may  start again as soon as  start working again or  as soon as your body comes into motion.
Not all kind of back pains can be treated by surgery. Nowadays surgery has become the last option for the treating back pain.

Doctors suggest, exercises, if done accordance with the prescription of the doctors, helps in treating back pain.
These exercises help in strengthening the abdominal muscles and helps them in becoming strong enough to support the back as result of which the chances of the back pain decreases. Before exercising, a slow warm-up should be done so as to avoid the risk of tissue rupture.

But it should be kept in mind, that the diagnosis and treatment for back pain should be done carefully and the doctor consulted should be aware of the kind of pain you are suffering from, so that he could suggest the right treatment.

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