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Misconceptions Related To Back Pain Causes

Back pain is a problem which is very often faced by all the human beings at least once in their lifetime. This pain, if not taken seriously can turn in to a deadly disease which can put your life at stake. So proper diagnosis should be done to know the exact cause of the pain in order to find a proper treatment. However, there are some myths in the minds of the people about various causes of the back pain. These are:

Myth1- Spine is delicate and can be easily injured.

Fact- Spine is not delicate instead, spine and the muscles, tendons and ligaments around it are a well designed structure that is immensely strong, supportive and flexible. Proper conditioning like strengthening and aerobic conditioning are required for a strong back and spine.

Myth2- The back pain or back problem at a younger age gets worse as the person grows older.

Fact- The back pain is at its peak between the ages of 35 and 55. After 55 it gets less in the form of discogenic pain. One thing to know is that disc degeneration is a natural phenomenon of the aging process which is not always associated with some pain.

Myth3- If your father or mother has a back problem, you are also likely to have it.

Fact- There is no genetic predisposition in the problems related to back and neck which means back problems of your parents would not pass on to you.

Myth4- Diagnostic tests like MRI or others are needed to diagnose the back problem.

Fact- Most of the time the causes of back problem are diagnosed by a thorough analysis of medical history and physical examination of the patient. Only in some specific cases there arises a need of diagnostic tests when the patient does not respond to an appropriate treatment.

Myth5- The abnormality shown in MRI scan needs to be cured.

Fact- It is not necessary that the abnormality shown in MRI scan is the sure cause of your back pain as large number of people having no back problems are suffering from abnormalities like herniated disc or degenerative disc.

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