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Cervical stenosis surgery, Go for early before it’s too late:
The neck is the most important part of human anatomy and its significance cannot be denied. When we talk about cervical stenosis, we basically refer to degrading bones or narrowing of the bones such as arthritis.
Surgery For Cervical Stenosis
Cervical Stenosis is a disease which compresses the spinal canal and makes it too small for the spinal cord and nerve roots. This condition sometimes   damages the spinal cord and  leads to a condition called myleopathy.
Scoliosis Surgery
Scoliosis has a tendency to progress and there are cases when the curvature of the spine increases more than 70 degrees giving a disfigured shape of your back.
Herniated Disk Surgery
Herniated disk or ruptured disc or bulging disc is recommended for surgery if the condition of the patient has worsened.  In severe herniated disc, the bulged disc presses the nerves or muscles exaggeratively and the pain troubles the patient a lot.
Cervical Spine Surgery
Its very essential to take care of the cervical spine. The ligaments and the discs of the vertebra joints are very fragile and critical injury can cause them to swell and cause chronic cervical back pain, spondylosis, HDD, or other form of cervical ailments.
Machine For Herniated Disc Repair

Surgery has always been the last option for any kind of treatments in your body. Even great doctors would ask you to go for simpler methods to treat ailments and if nothing works out better, they recommend surgery.

Spinal Stenosis Surgery – Consider As A Last Resort
Narrowing of  space in the spinal column is a painful condition which causes numbness or weakness in the legs. This condition is known as spinal stenosis.
Spinal Stenosis Surgery
Narrowing of the vertebrae space in the spine causes a pain and is referred to as spinal stenosis.
Lumbar Discectomy

Lumbar discectomy is performed as a minimally-invasive procedure to remove the portion of the slipped disc and fuse the vertebra joints. It is also called micro-endoscopic surgery because a small incision of 3 cm to 5 cm is made to correct the disorder of the spine. This kind of discectomy is very safe and the patient can leave the hospital, the very next day of the operation.

Degenerative Scoliosis
We all have curves in our bones and spines in the trunk, neck etc. They are essential for stability and balance of our body. Scoliosis is a very rare disease, some of the general causes of scoliosis are genetic causes, deformities from the time of birth, inequality in the length of the limbs, problems related to neuromuscles.
Anterior Cervical Discectomy

The tip of the spinal cord near the skull is called the cervical spine. The cervical spine is made up of 7 vertebrae and there are eight pairs of cervical nerves in that area.


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