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Cervical Disc Replacement

Surgical replacement of disc from your spine is done to relieve the nerves or the spinal cord from the pressure of the slipped disc of your spine. The slipped disc can happen anywhere in spine either in thoracic region, lumbar region, or the cervical region.

In severe cases surgery is recommended. The surgery carried out has two main purposes- removal or replacement of the disc and to fuse the spinal vertebra joints. The surgery carried out for cervical disc replacement is carried out for cervical discectomy.

In medical terms its called anterior cervical discectomy. In this surgery to carry out cervical disc replacement, the laproscopic machine is inserted in the cervical spine through an incision in front of the neck. When the surgery machine reaches there, it is commanded to replace the slipped disc and make the area free from exertion. After the cervical disc replacement, the gap of the joint is maintained by using the technique of bone graft. In bone graft method, small portion of bone is taken from other part of the body and inserted into the area of operation. The main purpose is to fuse the vertebra joints. The fusing of the bones take its own time.

The cervical replacement of the discs has some post operational complications. The most common complication is pain in the site of the incision. Besides that clotting, fever, redness in the area of incision etc are some of the minor symptoms that gradually moves off with time. For this reason you need complete supervision of a doctor after the surgery till 4-5 months when you become perfectly fit. Even after that, you would be advised to make careful movements of your neck and take precautions that you don't exert pressure of any kind till six to eight months.

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