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Cervical Stenosis Surgery

Stenosis is the narrowing of the body structure. Cervical spine is generally the upper portion of the spine known popularly as the neck. There are generally two theories related to the cause of cervical stenosis. The first theory believes that as a result of old age there also comes degeneration of the spine, there may be herniation of the discs as a result of which height of the discs gets decreased and very little room is left only for the nerves. Apart from this ligament changes, spine tumors, and also some kind of accident can cause serious injury to the spine. All this creates immense pressure on the spine by narrowing it. The second theory believes that cervical stenosis is congenital or present right from the time of birth.

Regarding the diagnosis, an X- ray, MRI and CT Scan can tell you your status. Symptoms of cervical stenosis are not so clear and the above mentioned tests are therefore utmost necessary to confirm your status. But still if you feel pain, weakness, cramping feeling in the legs or feet, they are potential symptoms.

Regarding the treatment options available, first the doctor can give you some non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs or analgesics. Some doctors even prescribe to wear a brace for some days. You can also go for some type of physical exercises like yoga, aerobics and other stretching exercises. This immensely helps to strengthen as well revitalize your body parts.

Now let us come to the most vital part of our discussion-  cervical stenosis surgery. But before going for a surgery, you should weigh in all your options – your response to the non surgical medications, your comfort level, severity of your disease and other such factors. Here it is imperative to mention that the main aim of the surgery is to relieve you of the pain and this is done by either trimming or cutting the unnecessary part which is creating extra pressure on your spine.

Decompressive laminectomy is the most common type of cervical stenosis surgery. There are also other surgical methods like posterior laminoplasty which is also preferred by many doctors. Finally there is another method called discectomy where the bulgical or herniated discs are surgically removed. In most of the cases it is seen that after few days of cervical stenosis surgery, the patient can have some breath of relief.
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