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Degree Of Scoliosis

Scoliosis in very simple language means curved spine. It can be of C or S shape. In S shape the curvatures develop near the thoracic regions and the lumbar regions. While in C shape the curvature occurs near the cervical region. The scoliosis in a person depends in a number of things and its intensity also depends on the degree of scoliosis.

What is the degree of scoliosis?

Degree of scoliosis means the degree to which the curvature of the spine takes place. The degree of scoliosis affects many things in the person's body. The treatments are also based on the degree of scoliosis.

Its a fact that very rarely you will find people having spines straight like rods. Most of the people have spines that have curves and the angle of curvature may be very small to consider them scoliosis. Truly speaking if the spine has a curvature with less than 25 degrees and there is no progression at all, then one cannot be considered scoliosis.

When the degree of scoliosis is more than 25 degrees and it is progressing, then only it becomes a mater of concern. It can create complications of deformity, heart and lung problems and many more. At the onset if preceptive measures are taken, you can check its growth and reduce the deformed shape of your back.

The treatments of scoliosis also depends on the degree of scoliosis. If the degree is below 50 degree general treatments are carried out to recur them. The simple methods of treatments consist of braces, exercises and other physiotherapy sessions. The braces are determined by the doctors and they would suggest for how long a patient should wear it in a day. When the curvature or the bending of the spine increases more than 50 degrees, then some advance treatments may be required to correct them. The most preferable treatment carried out in severe cases is nothing but scoliosis surgery.

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