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Different Forms of Scoliosis Treatment
People with Scoliosis were once regarded as bad omen or evil.. This condition  was frightening and feared by many. With recent advances in science not only have the superstitions been  removed, but the condition has become completely curable. A scoliosis patient has a spine with an abnormal curvature. Interestingly, this condition is usually congenital and is from birth. Most of the  parents fail to recognize such cases. Another interesting fact about this health condition is that girls are more likely to have it than boys. Causes for this condition have not been ascertained till date. This condition needs to be treated right from the beginning as it has psychological as well as physical ramifications. Many scoliosis treatments have come up in recent years and some of these specifically target the younger patients.

There are a number of factors which need to be considered before an appropriate treatment can be selected. The degree of curvature of the spine, weight, age of the patient, reaction of a particular patient to different types of medication , mental and physical state of the patient – all of these factors are to be considered.

Two most popular types of Scoliosis treatments are -

Scoliosis Braces – People whose degree of curvature of the spine is 25 -40 can wear braces. Braces do not cure the deformity but can certainly restrict any further progression. They exert a type of mild pressure which creates a restriction of movement in the direction of the curvature. But there is a limitation here as if you stop wearing the braces abruptly your condition may again be the same as before. The greatest advantages of wearing a brace is for the children, they can wear it under their clothes and participate in any activity like that of a healthy child. You must remember here that curvatures of more than 40 degrees cannot be cured by braces.

Scoliosis Surgery – Patients who have a curvature of more than 50 degrees need to have the abnormal curvature corrected surgically. This treatment method not only reduces the curvature but also restricts any abnormal growth of the spine. In Surgery the vertebrae and the bone are straightened with the help of rods, nuts and bolts. Risks involved in this treatment are not very high. Sufficient bed rest is very important for complete recovery. In fact all your day to day activities will be curbed down after till you recover completely.

Yoga and other light forms of exercises can also prove to be beneficial. Whatever be the case, it is important to start the treatment as early as possible in congenital cases.
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