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How To Avoid Back Pain?
Back pain has come to affect the world in a big way. These days every other person complains about back pain. The hectic modern day life is taking its toll. An increasing number of people in the world have had to lose work time due to back pain.

Among the Americans below 45 years of age, back pain has become the most common cause for a visit to the doctor. The recovery does not take more than a week or so but the back pain gradually starts rising in many cases. The yearly economic price of back pain problem that the US is paying has been estimated at around $75 billion.

However, back pain is not something insurmountable and can be taken care of if one took due precautions. There are a few things than one could do to reduce one’s chances of suffering from back pain.

Among the most essential things is a reduction in body weight. So, if you are lugging a few extra pounds, it could put undue load on your spine and become a reason for back pain in the long run. Start as balanced diet program and take to regular physical exercise. The extra weight would soon go away.

Another thing that you can do is strengthen the core muscles around your spine, which include lower back muscles, abdomen and thigh muscles.

Incorporate stretching exercises in your exercise regimen. Stretching exercises improve one’s flexibility, which prevents sudden injuries. Hamstrings and muscles in the lower back must be paid special attention to in this regard.

Wrong posture has been found to be a major cause of back pain. Therefore, working on one’s posture helps prevent back pain to a great extent. So, stop slouching and stooping and while you are sitting, sit with your back straight.

Improve your lifting technique in order to prevent injury. Do not just stoop and lift the object. Go down, squat by the object, hug it close to your body and come up on your feet. That’s the best way to lift the object. Even if the object is not all that heavy, use the right way to lift because even relatively lightweight objects have been found to injure the back if and when lifted improperly.

In addition to the above, do stick to a regular exercise regimen. Regular physical exercise is your best defense against back pain. So, do not overlook its importance even if you run a packed schedule. It pays to invest a little time oneself.

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