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Relieve Back Pain Through Reflexology

Reflexology is an effective natural healing art which is strictly based on the belief that hands as well as feet consist of reflexes that are transmitted to body's each and every organ & gland. When a reflexologist applies pressure to the feet or hands, the energy blocks are removed and circulation is promoted throughout the body. This results in improved body functions. Also known as zone of therapy, reflexology is extremely effectual in treatment of back pain. To know the exact method how you can practice reflexology and help someone get rid of their back pain, read ahead.

* First the patient is made comfortable. Reflexology can be performed and successful results can be obtained only when the patient is comfortable. So, make the patient comfortable and allow him to be fully relaxed. The patient is either made to sit on a chair or lie down.

* For good results through reflexology, the patient is required to be open as well as relaxed. Ask the patient to close his eyes and follow a deep breathing pattern. Now, start reflexology by massaging arms and legs lightly. After that tell the patient to remember his happy moments. Let the light thoughts creep in the patient's mind and make sure that he/she doesn't think about any kind of stressful times or worries about anything.

* Go through the reflexology charts. Reflexologists offer massage to the patient's hands and feet. They squeeze as well as push few areas of the patient's hands and feet. At times, ears are also given massage so that other parts of the body also get the benefit. If you go through reflexology charts, you will have a better idea about the areas that need to be pressurized for better overall improvement of general health as well as back.

* Now, find out the specific reflexes of hand as well as the foot. The targeted areas are the energy points that help rebalance the system. The main areas that can effectively treat back pain are located in the feet. For eg., spinal pain can be treated, if pressure is applied on arc of the foot. Besides, if the pressure is provided on the foot's sole directly, shoulder pain can be treated. Apart from this, there are many points that are effective in treatment of back pain.

* Finally, massage the targeted areas. As soon as you locate the congested areas that can treat your back pain; squeeze, push and apply pressure on those areas.

Reflexology simply has one objective and that is to encourage overall health as well as lessen stress. Go for reflexology twice a month and the whole procedure of reflexology should be followed for 25-30 minutes.
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