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Children! if you have scoliosis?
Scoliosis is a bow like spine that deforms the shape of the back of children in their teenage and as they grow old and attain maturity, it gets severe. The spine is very delicate bony structure and the bend on it may be due to many reasons which your doctor will give details. This may be the exclusive information on scoliosis for the children as they are very young and the parents do not recognize the problem. Now that the children are in adolescence stage and parents rarely get a chance to observe you since they are so preoccupied and you are busy with studies, friends, school etc. However, only the children are sufferers in case of any eventuality.

So, my dear sweet little children if you have scoliosis, you should understand what this scoliosis exactly means and what harm it can cause you. As you might be aware that scoliosis is a bow like spine that deforms the shape of your back in your teenage and with the time it deteriorates further. If you ignore it or hide from your parents, after some days it will progress so much that whatever you wear it will be distinctly visible over your clothes. Your friends may taunt you or laugh at you. In particular, it will make you deformed and restrict you from doing several physical activities. You will not be able to play your favorite games and most of your activities will be restricted if you have scoliosis.

At the very first stage, if you make your parents aware of the problem of its development, things might get much simpler for you. Even your doctor will treat it with much comfort, no injections my sweet little babes! Yeah! I promise. Remember it’s not a disease but a distraction of the shape and size of your spinal cord. It can be treated with braces and exercises. And it will take very less time to get back your spine in shape. Then I'm sure you can play, sing, dance like your friends.

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