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Cervical Cancer Causes
Cervix is the portion where the vagina and the uterus meet. The cervical cancer occurs near this area only. The growth of the cervical cancer is not a sudden development, it slowly develops and the symptoms too start to show gradually. Usually the onset of the caner is without any symptoms. It takes more than 3-4 years to develop and then the symptoms too start showing.

The cells of the cervix due to the main cause of the cancer start growing abnormally and slowly deteriorate and form cancer cells. They are mostly the squamous cells of the cervix that grow. That is they grow when they are exposed to viruses called HPV which is termed as the most deadly cervical cancer causes.
The following symptoms take place in cervical cancer -
1. Bleeding from vagina after intercourse or between the monthly periods.
2. Discharge of pink watery fluids from the vagina that smells really different from the bacterial smell or the normal white discharge.
3. Vaginal bleeding even after having menopause.
4. Burning sensation while urinating, vaginal pain etc are also the symptoms that are seen in most cases.

A greater percentage of women suffering from cervical cancer are infected with HPV or Human Papillomavirus that have almost 80 strains. Most of the viruses are sexually transmitted, while some of them are due to genetically malfunctions. Its been termed as the main cause of the cancer that slowly develops. The virus infests the body when the immune system of the woman becomes weak and cannot resist the growth of the viruses. If a woman is infected with HIV virus, there is greater risk of developing the  cancer, since with HIV, the body loses its power of antibodies. To engage in sex before the age of 18, or having many partners for sex or having intercourse with a man having multiple sex partners is termed as the main cervical cancer causes.

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