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Pregnancy Back Pain
All women go through the family life cycle including procreation. It is mostly taken for granted that procreation process will be a smooth phenomenon. It usually is for the majority of the women population. The remaining may suffer from minor to major complications. The symptom of pregnancy back pain not only reduces efficiency but causes suffering as well.

On the basis of a study done in America on Pregnancy Back Pain prevalence the result was both disturbing and comforting at the same time. Pregnant mother suffers lower back and pelvis pain mostly in the 36th week of pregnancy. The most soothing and pacifying information this study projects is that back pain is pregnancy linked and subsides three months after the delivery.

The mothers-to-be need to take precautionary measures during pregnancy to protect the back such as following posture laid out techniques for bending walking etc are to be implemented during actual work. The Back Pain may not then erupt at all or remains in bearable intensity.

Many physiological changes accompany inception. The body of the pregnant woman begins to gear up the bodily systems to firstly to accommodate a new life inside the body and secondly for easy delivery. One of the hormone body produces in abundance at this time is Relaxin. Its most vital function is to relax the joints in the pelvis for easy exit of the new born. However, it also acts on other body joints at times giving rise to inflammation and pain.

One other explanation for pregnancy back pain is structural. The fetus develops inside the mother’s womb gaining in size with each passing day. The expanding abdomen forgoes some of its posture functions. The growing weight carrying activity is passed from the torso to the back. It results in back pain in the pregnant women.

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