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Scoliosis Research
Though scoliosis in mild form is not harmful from any aspect, it gives a bad look to your back. But, with the growing number of persons having scoliosis in the mid of the last century, many research programs have been started. Among the many research programs, the most prominent was the foundation of National Scoliosis Foundation in 1976. Every year, the Foundation spends million of dollars in research programs to discuss the various causes, preventions and cures of scoliosis.

The National Scoliosis Foundation and other research programs like the Scoliosis Research Society are meant to increase the awareness among the people about the lateral disorder of the spine and other spinal problems like kyphosis.

The scoliosis research, promotes screening programs and creates public awareness by educational programs. The associations and the various groups engaged in research, publish various articles and leaflets to be distributed among people. These papers carry all the information regarding scoliosis and there theories and ideas.

The research programs along with foundations and government organizations supply various material kits or packets to the parents of children having the problem. These are supplied to the adult scoliosis patients and the healthcare personnels who dedicate their time in research of this disorder.

There are so many areas to be explored in the field of scoliosis that the research programs are emphasizing a lot more on idiopathic causes for finding the true cause of the problem. In this research of scoliosis, interactions with the patients are carried out to get to know the symptoms. They study the ethnicity, to find whether there are some peculiar genetic factors responsible for this spinal cord disorder.
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