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Misconceptions About Back Pain

Back pain is very much prevalent in our society. The causes of back pain mainly lie in the structures of the lower back like muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and discs. However, back pain is surrounded by various myths and misconceptions which develop wrong notions about back pain. Some of the myths related to back pain are as follows:

Myth- Often people think that back pain would never happen to them.

Fact- It is really strange to know that back pain is the leading cause of disability in men over 45 years of age. It is the third most prevalent reason for surgery. It can happen to children as well as adults. As our age increases we become more inflexible losing our muscle support, therefore having back pain. Its one area of pain in almost all sports.

Myth- It is believed that physical laborers owe a greater risk of back pain.
Reality-This is absolutely wrong as people leading sedentary lifestyle also have equal risk of back problem. Office workers or people who sit for long hours put stress on their back thus causing back pain. To avoid the risk of back injury always use a chair with proper support and take regular stretch breaks.

Myth- People think that injury to spine is the only cause of back pain.

Reality- Natural aging of the discs brings back pain in to picture. Sudden twisting, lifting or trauma will result in injuring the muscles surrounding the discs causing back pain. This pain is aggravated by poor posture, smoking, stress and other inappropriate work habits.

Myths- Back surgery is believed to be a dangerous one.

Reality- Back surgery is needed only when other treatments like medications and physical therapy fail to gain success in treating the back pain. Back surgery is absolutely safe with the use of highly accurate imaging systems like MRI and CT and other microsurgical techniques. This results in precise method of surgery with speedy recovery and less pain.

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