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Mitral Stenosis, take it to the Heart!
Due to the narrowing of the mitral valve which is termed as mitral stenosis, blockage of the blood flow from the left atrium to the left ventricle of the heart. As a result, there is surplus blood in the left atrium which enlarges the left atrium and it starts to beat abnormally effecting the efficiency of the heart. Mitral stenosis is often the cause of heart failures and if this condition occurs in women, chances of heart failure are more.

The most common cause of mitral stenosis is attributed to rheumatic fever, which is often unnoticed by people. In the case of infants who persist this problem, chances of survival after 2 or 3 years of age are minimal  until they undergo the surgery.

As for the causes mitral stenosis, people experience difficulties in breathing, feel dizzy and also get fatigued and have abnormal heart beats. Here we should mention that pregnancy and other stress related things can trigger or aggravate the conditions. Also symptoms might take around 10 to 20 years to show up and till 40 years of age you might not even realize that you persist the problem. nd For these reasons, it is necessary that you go for early diagnosis as delay may be too late. Apart from your medical history, your doctor can suggest a echocardiogram or electrocardigram, even an x -ray can make you aware of your situation.

When it comes to treatment, it largely depends on the severity of the disease. If you are having only mild symptoms, the doctor would very carefully watch your progress and prevent any trouble to the heart or lungs. In the severe cases, the doctor either asks for balloon valvatomy or do a repairement or replacement of the valve. Your doctor will suggest some medications to prevent the occurrence of diseases that accompany mitral stenosis.
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