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Myths About Back Pain Surgery

Back pain is as frequent as common cold because it is the second most sought after reason for visiting health care provider in the United States. Out of every 10 Americans 8 suffer from chronic back pain. So, various treatment options are available for its cure. Back surgery, one of the treatment of back pain often generates fear in the minds of the patient and therefore patients have discovered their own misconceptions or myths about the back surgery. Some of these myths are:

Myth1- People think that back surgery is dangerous

Fact- Surgery is recommended when other conservative treatments fail to diminish the pain. Most back surgeries do not involve spinal cord. Also, with highly accurate imaging systems like CAT and MRI scans and new microsurgical techniques, you can have accurate picture and precise methods of surgery resulting in speedy recovery with less pain and hospitalization.

Myth2- A herniated disc surely needs a back surgery.

Fact- According to some studies, it has been shown that disc shrinks naturally over time. So patients who have herniated disc do not indicate a sure reason for the need of surgery.

Myth3- Most cases of back pain require surgery

Fact- This is absolutely wrong as only about two percent of patients with back pain need surgery.

Myth4- I will be disabled if I undergo a back surgery.

Fact- This is a wrong statement as most people return to their original work after such surgeries. It is only high lifting and impact activities that are prohibited.

Myth5- Factors like smoking and weight do not affect back surgery

Fact- Factors like obesity, smoking, injury related litigation and other patient-specific characteristics have a big impact on the success or failure of spinal surgery for back pain.

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