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Are You Living With Pain In The Back, Foot And Ankle?

Any disease or disorder in the body does not come alone. It comes with several other related problems and discomforts, making the plight of the sufferer all the more sad. Ditto true for back pain! Back pain is not only a physical pain in the back and other parts of the body, but also a mental suffering that is all the more unbearable.

Of all the back pain types, lower back pain is worst. It not only demeans your capability to perform the day-to-day activities but also gives a mental trauma, which at times curtails the whole thinking process.

Lower back pain generally begins from the lower end of the spinal cord and extends to the lower parts of the body: the foot, the heel and the ankle. The pain is so intense because it grabs the whole lower portion of one's skeleton. The person is unable to stand and walk.

A little physical activity from his side involving his lower limbs will put him in immense pain and torture. Thus lower back pain puts him in a state of limbo, as he is unable to perform the basic activities of his life. Such a state of physical incapability puts him into depression that takes away his power of thinking and implementation.

The nerve cells of the ankle, the foot and the heel are all connected to the lower end of the spinal cord. Thus, any problem with the nerve endings or beginning in the lower end of the spinal cord, generate problem in the nerve endings or beginning preset in the foot, ankle and the heel. The pain thus arises in the nerve cells and then eventually spread to the muscular area.

Sometimes it is seen that the pain in the back side is cured, but a persistent pain in the ankle, or the foot or the heel is left for ever. Though such cases are less but they, on the whole, deviate the focus of the pain related to these body parts from the spinal cord to some other reason.

But there is nothing much to worry about. You can treat your back pain, your pain in the ankle, foot and heels, all together. All you need to do is consult a good medical professional, who will either recommend you to follow a set of exercises or in extreme cases advice you to undergo a surgery to do away with the back pain and related problems forever.

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