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Severely Herniated Disc

Herniated disc is an anomaly of the inter vertebral discs also known as a "ruptured", "slipped" or "torn" disc. This happens when the inner core (nucleus) bulges out through the outer layer of ligaments that surrounds the disc. This tear causes pain in the back at the point of herniation. A disc becomes weak with age or after an injury.

In a severely herniated disc injury, the nucleus tissue normally located in the center of the disk is forced out. For more information on severly herniated disc, read. The spinal canal into which the movement takes place has limited space, hence the herniated disc is pressed against the spinal nerves. This results in the symptoms of numbness, pain or weakness in the lower back or leg. The
herniated disc is the cause of lower back pain, mid back pain and even pain in the back of head.

i-inflammatory drugs are taken for relieving back pain. But, if the pain is truly severe, your physician may prescribe medicines for back pain called narcotic painkillers, like Codeine. Exercises for back pain help in back pain treatment, as an easily available pain therapy. The specially designed chair for back pain can also be used for back pain remedy.

Surgery isn't usually done unless the person develops severe pain or nerve damage that gets steadily worse. Herniated disc can develop from fissures and cracks in the vertebrae. The material inside the disc may protrude or rupture, which may lead to severe pain, along with pressure on the nerve root. This pressure can cause back and leg pain.

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