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What Does A Herniated Disc Look Like?

The discs act to absorb shocks caused by the movement of spine. In a herniated disc, part of the disc shifts to a position that irritates the nearby nerve for that spinal area. What does a herniated disc look like? In a herniated disc, the nucleus tissue normally located in the center of the disk is forced out of position. The material inside the disc bulges through the outer lining of cartilage and presses on a spinal nerve, causing a herniated or prolapsed disc. When the material bursts through the outer lining of cartilage, it is called a ruptured disc. For more information read "what does a herniated disc look like".

The herniated disc is the cause of lower back pain, mid back pain and constant back and leg pain. A herniated disc causes pain, loss of feeling, tingling or muscle weakness. Non Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are often used for relieving back pain.
 If the pain is really severe, your doctor may prescribe narcotic pain killers, such as Codeine. Exercises for back pain help in back pain treatment, as an easily available back pain therapy.'

Especially designed chair for back pain can also be used for back pain remedy. People who spend a lot of time in sitting, like truck drivers or those who twist their back a lot, are most likely to develop a herniated disc. A disc can become weak with age or after an injury.

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