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Beware Of High Back Ache During Pregnancy

High back ache in pregnancy is very common. But, you need not worry too much as it could be easily prevented with a little care. On the other hand, you must not be negligent of it as it may turn out to be an indicator of miscarriage or some abdominal disorders. Lower back ache of intense nature is a common occurrence during pregnancy, and most of the ladies on family way experience it. While in some cases it may turn out to be an indication of medical problem of serious nature, it could also be a normal process of adaptation towards changes in your body. This high back ache in pregnancy could be easily prevented with care and caution. To know more about back pain during pregnancy, read High back ache during pregnancy.

Although, there exists a possibility of lower back pain in early pregnancy because of normal reasons such as constipation, flatulence and bloating, it may be due to some pregnancy related complication. During pregnancy, as the uterus swells, pressure is exerted on the organs around. This results in retarded digestion procedure. Excess release of progesterone may also slow down the process of digestion. Gas is formed and ultimate result is constipation. It often results in intense lower back pain for a little time.

Round ligament pain is also very common. Round ligaments hold uterus towards pelvis. As uterus swells to provide room for the baby, round ligament also gets stretched. They become thick and help support the uterus. This change in ligament condition results in pain. And most often it is of intense nature. This high back ache in pregnancy may be in the form of a dull tickling and continuous sensation, but most often it is a short intense pain. The best prevention is to stop sudden movement that causes strain on ligaments.

Back pain medication could also be taken for relieving back pain in no time. Medications for back pain in case of pregnancy must be taken in consultation with a doctor. It is better to first ascertain the causes of lower back pain arising out of pregnancy to avoid any complication before treating it. Back pain support must be sought, if it persists in advance stage of pregnancy. Pregnancy related low back pain relief could also be obtained through natural back pain remedy.

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