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Can Ergonomics Fix Back Pain?
There is no definite answer to the above question. This is because while in eighty percent of the cases the real cause of back pain is not known, in the remaining twenty per cent cases there can be different causes of the problem.

Most Likely Causes of Back Pain
Herniated spinal discs are the most common cause of back pain. However, activities in which a lot of pressure is exerted on the lower back (such as lifting, sitting in awkward postures, and other similar postures) can also result in back pain. The second one is often the most pertinent cause which is often overlooked.

Ergonomics and Back Pain
Ergonomics can be loosely defined as the correct posturing of the body during different activities. Ergonomic physical movements are considered to be necessary to minimize the pressure and wear and tear of the skeletal and muscular structure in the body. Ignoring to move in correct postures would increase the rate of damage caused to it. This would become a problem as you grow old and when your body might not be able to repair itself at a rate equal to the rate of wear and tear suffered.

Can There Be Other Causes?
If your experience of back pain began only after you joined a work industry where physical movement was significant then it is possible that wrong ergonomics is responsible for your back pain. However, other causes need not be excluded.

Two amongst these are genetic causes (prevalence of back pain in the family) and the age of the person. People in advanced stage of their life would endure more wear and tear of their body, something which their body would not be able to repair quickly. Back pain would be, then, a direct result of this.

How to Correct Back Pain Emerging From Wrong Ergonomics
Once the above causes are ruled out it becomes clear that wrong ergonomics is responsible for the back pain in a person. In such a situation, it would become imperative for the person to analyse all aspects of his/her physical movements (or a lack thereof). Usually, professional help would be required to identify wrong bodily movements.

Corrective steps can be taken once the causes are identified. While most of these would include correcting the posture, there are some special ergonomic aids that can be used to correct the body's posture. These include ergonomic back belts and ergonomic back-rests. These can be employed to varying degrees of success.

While wrong ergonomics is one of the known causes of back pain, it can be corrected only till the time the problem remains on the surface. It would become difficult to treat it once the problem gets integrated into the cycle of the body.
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